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I start a new commute next week. I’ll be walking on the ferry and then taking the train downtown. I’m jittery about it, because I’ve never done it and don’t know anything about how it all works — like where I park my car and where I buy my transportation tickets and what happens if the ferry runs late. So I’m doing commuting research this week. Today that included a talk with Jen, who has taken the train many times and was willing to give me the scoop on what to expect. She also told me about the parking lot options near the ferry. After our morning coffee get-together I drove by the park & ride. As usual, it was completely jam-packed full. Then I located the “ferry commuter parking” and was pleased to see that it was only about a third full. There were signs saying that unmarked spots were for permit holders and otherwise it would cost me $3/day (12-24 hrs). When I located the information on obtaining a permit, I was super happy to see that it would only cost me ~$1/day to park. Sweet! Since it’s located right *at* the ferry terminal, parking there instead of the park and ride will shave about 20 minutes walking from my daily commute. I’m not opposed to the walking itself, but with the commute as long as it already is, saving 10 minutes in each direction (and spending less time walking in the cold, rain, and dark) is well worth the $1/day to me.

Since I won’t be traveling by car anymore, I won’t be able to run errands on my way to and from work. The most frequent errand (aside from grocery shopping) is the run to and from the pharmacy for the Mad Scientist. This had me worried, and wondering if I could hire someone to take care of the task for me. Then, serendipty! I happened across an ad for an island pharmacy that delivers — for free! I went in over the weekend and spoke to the pharmacy staff (who were super attentive and kind)¬†and I got us all set up with transferred prescriptions and automatic delivery.

I’ve got some other logistics to work out over the next few days, but so far things are falling into place nicely.




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