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My daughter called this afternoon. Since we’d just spoken Saturday and she never calls in the middle of a work day unless there’s something wrong (or something big to celebrate), I became worried as soon as I saw the caller ID. I picked up quickly…

Erin, in an oddly accusatory fashion: Did you buy an iPod for a five year old?!

Me: NoYes — what I mean is I sent her one but I didn’t buy itIt’s a long story. Someone sent it to me at Christmas. I never figured out who sent it. It’s been sitting in a drawer because I have other iPods and I have no use for it. So when I went to pack the envelope for Miss Clara, I thought that maybe she had kid music she could listen to on it.

Erin: That’s actually a good idea. She’s always wanting to listen to mine, but I have to tell her you can’t listen to that…or that…or that.

Phew! I thought I was in trouble there.

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