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siren song

“Did you just hear something strange?”

“Yeah, it sounded like a fire engine.”

I strain to listen more carefully, above the noise of the dogs wrestling and the heat blasting out of the wall heaters in the living room as we try to warm up the room while the wood stove gets going. There it is again, that “wah-wah-waaaah” of a fire engine trying to enter an intersection. The warning string of abbreviated siren notes that says, “better get out of the way“. Then I hear voices over loudspeakers — unintelligible over the din inside the house.

“We don’t hear that very often”, I say, “we’d better see what’s going on”.

I open the guest room door, kept closed all day against the cold, and pull aside the curtains on the windows overlooking the driveway and the street beyond. There is a whole string of fire trucks and ambulances coming down the street. The lead fire engine is pulling Santa’s sleigh, which is lit up like Las Vegas and blasting Christmas carols. Santa himself is perched upon the seat of the sleigh, waving and calling “Merrrrrry Christmas!

This is our new life. I couldn’t be more enchanted.

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We walked all over the tree farm, saw in hand, looking for the perfect tree this morning. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and in the 40’s, so we took our time and finally found the beauty pictured above. I don’t know what kind of pine it is. It has long slender needles and little pine cones growing on it. It’s about 6 feet in diameter and 9 feet tall! I actually had to bring in a ladder to get the lights on it. In the city we would have paid well over $100 for this baby, and it would have been cut weeks ago and starting to shed needles already. When I got home I found a tag on it that said $49.95, but the lovely folks who run the tree farm gave it to us for free. F.R.E.E.! I’m so glad we moved out of the city and amongst such nice people.

The Mad Scientist bought a used truck from the family when we first moved here and has since become friends with the Dad, Tony. We also purchased a load of wood from them a couple of months ago. I was worried they’d dump it all in the driveway and I’d have to spend the entire weekend stacking it, but no, the boys cheerfully unloaded and stacked it for us too. So when we heard they had a tree farm, we filed the info away for the day we needed a Christmas tree. We wanted to support a local business and a friend. We didn’t expect them to give us a tree. How super fabulously nice was that?

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