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Getting all the rural requirements in place…

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Last winter we had quite a problem with lighting in the living/dining room. There is no overhead lighting in the space and the table lamps we had were inadequate to the task. There were small spots of light within large areas of dark. And I hated the table we were using. An antique oval piece, we couldn’t use it lengthwise along the windows, as seemed the most natural position, because the space between the legs was so narrow that we ended up bruising our knees repeatedly. It got so that every time we sat down I was cursing the hated table.  I finally turned it perpendicular to the center window (which looked stupid) and we used it that way all through our 10.5 month winter.

I set myself a goal back in about April to make sure I had a new table and appropriate lighting by “Fall”.  I found this table at World Market a few weeks ago. And yes, you can still bang your knees on the legs, except it’s now a possibility rather than a probability. I really, absolutely fell in love with a table at Restoration Hardware, but this one was similar and 1/5 the price. So I settled on this piece.

After several misguided tries at creating my own pendant lamp (ignore the cord hanging from the ceiling) I discovered the perfect wall lamps last week and ordered them. I hung them today, on what was very clearly our first blustery, slightly rainy day of “Fall”. (I think I’ll order those cord channel thingies that make sconce cords look nice and neat.) Mission accomplished.

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Living Room

Finally put some furniture in the living room.

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Al Fresco

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Nothing I like better than eating dinner outside on a sunny day. Yesterday was day #1, but first I had to put the new grill together.

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