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It’s been a quiet and peaceful week at 3 Crows Whidbey. I don’t have to return to work until 1/3/2011, so I’ve been padding around the house in my slippers and PJs since Festivus. It’s been so nice to be able to sleep late, have a couple or three relaxed cups of coffee while catching up on email and blog rolls, and then spend the rest of the day doing whatever comes to mind to get done — without all the usual hustle and hurry to squeeze it into a weekend. Mostly what I’ve done is read books, watch movies, and visit with a couple of friends in town (is this what the Mad Scientist does all day every day? I am so jealous…).

We just finished a leisurely dinner of ribs that I braised in coffee and spices all afternoon while I was working on the bills. I’ll probably pull out my beginner knitting projects tonight, after more than a month away from them. In fact, it seems the only actual work that has occurred this week was the digging out of the base of one wall of the chicken coop so that we could fill the space with hardware cloth and cement. Rodents (we’re assuming they’re rodents) keep digging under the walls and munching on the organic chicken feed at night, and we are not willing to allow this to continue. It took a couple hours of digging, mixing, and pouring the other day, but we got it completed while it was relatively warm and dry outside. We’ll likely have to do the other walls too, as soon as the little bastards figure out how to get around this new obstacle.

This morning we woke to snow and hail, which eventually grew to about a 2 inch layer of heavy, crunchy whiteness. This would have been pretty if it had not been immediately destroyed by the racing play of four dogs. Amazing how they seem to trample every square inch of this property, and how quickly. No unbroken blankets of pure white loveliness here. Still, I’m thankful there’s no need to walk the four dogs. They can trample the snow all they want.

We seem to be well and finally settled in here. I expect there will be little to report besides wind and rain for the next couple of months. Maybe a few more snowstorms. I’m hoping for a complete lack of drama — no physical or emotional meltdowns, no destructive wind storms, no unexpected household maintenance, no appliance debacles. I’m hoping the New Year brings us nothing but peace, tranquility, and quiet happiness. Spring is only 12 weeks away. We’re looking forward to getting out into the yard and planting when the sun finally comes out. Until then I hope we’ll each be sitting by the fire reading, with contented critters at our feet and on our laps. We’ve worked long and hard to get here, it’s time to be still and enjoy it for a while.

Happy New Year from 3 Crows Whidbey. I hope for all the same quiet wonders for you all.

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