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<rant> It’s hard to believe it’s mid-July already, and yet it took so long for mid-July to get here that I thought I’d slit my wrists while waiting. We had the longest, coldest spring on record and it hasn’t gotten dramatically better yet. It did finally get warm enough to shed sweaters and jackets between the hours of 11 am and 5 pm. The temperatures are still lower than normal, but I’m not really complaining about the temperature, mostly just the lack of sunshine. It’s quite pleasant to start the day in the 50s, have it rise to about 70, and go to bed while it still hovers in the 60 degree range. Last year we had a week in the 90s and the year before a week of 104-degree mega-dramas. We can do without a repeat of those weeks.

We’ve had a few days of sunshine and perfect 75-80 degree weather. Fourth of July weekend, most notably. Last weekend was nice too, with Saturday sunny and in the 70s. Sunday was a bit more cloudy and cool. I’d like a few more sunny days. In fact, I’d like about 120 more sunny days before the rains of October descend. It was cloudy and dark this morning though, and was yesterday too. ¬†Supposed to be tomorrow too. The Mad Scientist had his propane stove turned on (in the middle of July!), and all the windows and doors in the house were closed tightly against the morning chill. Making coffee and reading my email in the morning gloom made me feel as though it was already November.

On the way home today the sun was shining brightly while at the same time it was raining – hard.

I know I’m whining about weather that at least 1/2 the world wishes they had right now. I know it’s not tornadoes and tsunamis and hurricanes and oppressive heat and humidity. I know that in a lot of ways we are lucky to have this cool, wet weather — even in July. But here’s the thing. I had no summer last year. We decided to move on June 8th and we spent the next 2.5 months looking at houses, packing everything we owned, arranging to have 2 houses cleaned and repaired and painted and the gardening freshened. And we moved. There wasn’t a spare moment in all of summer in which I had the luxury of sitting in the garden and reading a book, while watching a bird or a butterfly take wing nearby. I had zero days in which I was able to lie in bed with the windows and doors open and listen to nature while cat-napping in the sunshine. I had multiple trips planned, but I canceled all except a trip to Lopez Island for the Fourth of July. It was rainy and cold for most of that weekend.

So I feel like I haven’t seen the sun in not just 10 months, but 22. If you don’t live here you may not realize that the weather tales are true. It rains 9 months a year. But normally those 9 months have strings of days — and sometimes even a week or more — of sunshine in January, April, and May. We’re on the tenth month of rain and those sequential days of warmth and sunshine did not happen this year. Oh, we had an afternoon here and there of sunshine and chill breezes, but it never lasted long enough to say “hey, it’s super nice out, let’s go out and enjoy it!” If you took the time to shed your sweater and find your sunglasses, you’d find that the rain had started again when you finally managed to get out the door.

So yeah. It could be worse. And it may yet get worse. But after months of silence on this blog — silence induced by the depression that was induced by the endless rain and cold — I’m just going to go ahead and rant about it and get it out of my system. It’s still $%&#@*(&! raining here.

I hope and hope and hope some more that this changes. I have a week off in August and I want to spend my days off in sunshine and warmth. I want to be able to open the windows and doors as soon as I get up in the morning and enjoy not just the warmth of the day, but the balmy cross-breezes as evening approaches. I want at least a week during which closing the doors and windows at night is absolutely unthinkable.

My tomatoes are stunted and turning yellow. The weeds are flourishing, while the flowers and fruits are far, far, behind schedule. And though things are in bloom and the yard is full of birds and bees and butterflies and bunnies, it’s hard to enjoy them from inside the house, wrapped in sweaters and socks, staring longingly out the windows and doors. I want to have my morning coffee on deck, in the sunshine. I want to spend at least 20 minutes enjoying the summer weather before I get dressed and go to work, but I can’t do that when everything is wet and there’s no place to sit or stand where I won’t get wet or chilled or both.

Someone send us summer.


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